5 Tips For Writing A Traffic-Inducing Teaser Post

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What is a teaser post and why would I want to write one?

A teaser post is a post on your blog, that redirects the reader to another site.  The idea is that when you have your work featured on another site, you can write a short post on your own blog to send readers to the place where your work has been featured.

It’s a great idea for a couple of reasons.  It gives you a little bit of new content for your site as well as a way to announce to your readers that you have been featured (mild bragging is acceptable now and then).

More importantly, it shows the site that has featured your writing that you are excited to be there, and are doing all you can to promote it, and send traffic their way.  Whether it’s a guest post on Jane Blogger’s site about your favorite color of yarn, or a feature on The Huffington Post with thousands of eyes on it, a teaser post is a great way to stand out to your host as a blogger who is willing to go above and beyond to show your appreciation.  Some might call it brown-nosing, I like to think of it as good blogging manners.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when crafting your teaser posts:

5 Tips For Writing A Traffic-Inducing Teaser Post - A teaser post is a post on your blog, that redirects the reader to another site.  The idea is that when you have your work featured on another site, you can write a short post on your own blog to send readers to the place where your work has been featured.

1.  Keep It Short – Your teaser post should be short and sweet.  You are sending them to read more of your writing, so you don’t want to use up too much of their reading stamina before they get there.

2.  Reveal Just Enough To Entice – Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?  Your teaser post should not give them the milk.  Instead, tell them about where they can go to get the milk, and how tasty and delicious it is going to be.  The real prize is the post you are sending them to.  A question at the beginning or end of your teaser can sometimes be effective if used well.

3.  Easy On The Duplication – Your teaser post should not be just the first three paragraphs of the post you are sending them to.  They don’t want to click over only to have to read through what they just read again, trying to find where they left off.

4.  Include A Call To Action – Of course you will include a link to the post, but be sure to also include the name of the site, and maybe even a word or two about them.  Something like: “I’m really excited to be featured on In The Powder Room today.  I look forward to my little dose of women’s humor there every day and usually have to stifle my laugh-snort before I finish reading.  I’m attempting to earn my stripes there today!”.  That gives the reader an idea about the site you are sending them to, in case they want to check out more while they are there.

5.  Don’t Gush Too Much – For instance, “I am SOOOOOOO thrilled and elated to be featured on XYZ today.  This has been my dream since I started blogging and I have finally achieved it!  I’d like to thank blah, blah, blah…”.  While it’s fine to express your excitement at being featured on a site you love, going overboard may cause other bloggers to want to give you a cyber slap (I’ve heard).  Your non-blogger readers may not know the rank of the site in the blogosphere and will question if this is the equivalent of a blogging Oscar, or if you are just full of yourself.  I’m pretty sure I have done it myself before, so learn from my mistakes.

There are lots of ways to do teaser posts, and I have rounded up a few that sent me clicking over to read their full post on another site for you to check out:

Teaser Post Examples

Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your own favorite teaser post as a reference for readers.

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25 Comments on “5 Tips For Writing A Traffic-Inducing Teaser Post”

  1. Great tips! And I love that you included real samples to drive home the point. #5 is always worth remembering esp. since I’ve really felt like cyber slapping some people around. I can only hope no one has felt that about me, although I doubt it! Hahaha!

  2. Susan! Such great advice, as always. You will have to read my post on the linkup today and tell me how I did. I think there’s room for improvement with my teaser-writing but I hope I get at least a C+

  3. Great tips! I love teaser posts for the reasons you mentioned – I get a little more mileage out of my guest posts and I feel like it’s more fun for my readers than just “hey, click here and read more of my stuff,” you know?

    I have two examples to share:
    1 – In one of my own teaser posts I give one lesson I learned from working in a laundromat (random, I know), then I encourage my readers to click over to my article on BLUNTmoms listing 7 more (and the article doesn’t duplicate the one on my blog; it’s “bonus”). That way there’s no duplicate content, plus once you start reading #1 you’re pretty much going to want to read 2-8! http://vickilesage.blogspot.fr/2014/08/life-lessons-at-laundromat.html
    2 – A reverse teaser, also from BLUNTmoms, for one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah from est. 1975. After reading this teaser, how could you not click through? http://www.bluntmoms.com/oh-diint/

    1. The BLUNT teaser is awesome! Definitely makes me want to read more. I love est. 1975 too and that post is hilarious!!

  4. This is just in time for my teaser post for tomorrow! I’m actually doing a collaborative/group mini series and was wondering if I should include any of the other bloggers who are participating or just the host? Thanks for the tips. (Stopping by from SITS Girls Sharefest)

  5. Thank you for sharing these tips. I like you broke them down and you featured some “real life” examples. I will make sure to follow your directions when the opportunity arises.

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  7. Great article. I sometimes find it hard to put on my non-blogging hat and read my posts from a simple visitor’s view. It’s easy to get sucked into the blogging world!

  8. I thought I had this all figured out but I just realized something. When do you post your teaser post? I’ve been posting it the same day my guest post goes live so that the site I’m guesting on gets a nice bump in traffic from my readers. However, what about the visitors on THEIR blog who decide to visit my blog (which, admittedly is kind of the whole point of this)? They’ll see my teaser post and will be like “uh, boring, I just read this on the site I came from” and might not scroll down to read my other stuff. Should I do the teaser post the day after the guest post? Or just cross my fingers that people will stay on my site long enough to discover the other content? Am I overthinking it?

    1. Personally I do them the day it gets posted, but you could hold off a day or two. The host site will see the traffic if they look at stats and probably don’t care in most cases if it comes the day they first post it or a little later. You can always ask them too. Another thought I just had was maybe you could post it the day it goes live on the host site, but pin another post (something you would want any visitors to see) above it for a few days until the traffic from the original site does down. Just a thought. I don’t think there is a formula and in most cases, I would think people would scroll a bit to see what topics you have to offer if they went to the trouble of clicking over from the host site.

      1. Thanks! I think I’ll keep posting on the day and hope that new readers will be interested enough in my stuff to scroll down. You make a good point – if they were interested enough to click over they’re probably interested enough to at least check out one of my posts. I like to show the site I’m guesting on that I’m upholding my end of the bargain and so posting on the day and sending them readers (who will hopefully share or at least comment) is pretty important!

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  15. Susan, I feel like you read my mind with your posts! My first Huff Post piece has been published, but I wasn’t really sure what the “etiquette” was surrounding teasers (something I wanted to have on tap for tomorrow). So helpful to see some great examples. In other words, I love you, please don’t ever stop writing about writing 😉

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