7 Science-Backed Tips to Improve Your Writing (Infographic)

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By Brendan Brown

Originally Published On Global English Editing

You’ve probably heard various tricks for combatting writer’s block and/or to stimulating your creative energy. You may have tried them with or without success or even developed your own voodoo-worthy practices to increase word count and quality.

7 Science-Backed Tips to Improve Your Writing (Infographic) - Beyond Your Blog

You may be surprised to learn that science can actually offer some fact-based suggestions for what really works best to improve your writing. This infographic offers 7 proven tips to get you started.

7 Science-Backed Tips to Improve Your Writing (Infographic) - Beyond Your Blog

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7 Science-Based Tips To Improve Your Writing Infographic on Beyond Your Blog

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4 Comments on “7 Science-Backed Tips to Improve Your Writing (Infographic)”

  1. So a glass of wine at 6:30 a.m. just might be what’s missing? LOL! Seriously, thought, this was a fun and informative infographic. Thanks! I will be sharing this 🙂

  2. This is quite interesting. Out of experience, i agree with you on rising early; the brain is usually fresh and quite active. The idea about dim lighting is quite insightful.

    About the booze, very interesting. I guess one has to have control and discipline. Altogether, good ideas on how to approach writing. Thanks.

  3. Thank you so much for this fun and informative info. I have a book inside of me, based on fact, and must work to get moving….this has helped.


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