8 Practical Tips For Getting Huffpost To Give You The Time Of Day

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If you read How I Got On Huffington Post: 5 Bloggers Tell All, you learned first hand how some HuffPost bloggers got their start on the often difficult-to-penetrate site.  Some of those methods involved a little bit of luck, so we’re sharing 8 practical tips to help you devise a strategy, if The Huffington Post is a blogging goal for you.

8 Practical Tips For Getting Huffpost To Give You The Time Of Day

1.  The Blog Pitch Form – The most typical way to pitch HuffPost is to use their form.  Although many bloggers claim that it’s a black hole, many people have also used the form, and had a very quick response/acceptance.  It doesn’t hurt to try!

2.  Pitch Relevant/Current Content – Many successful HuffPost bloggers emphasize the importance of pitching relevant subject matter on topics that are current and timely, as a key part of having your writing accepted.

3.  Reach Out Directly To An Editor  Via Twitter and/or Email – HuffPost lists all of their editors HERE.  Beyond Your Blog has also put together an email directory for the various sections of HuffPost.  It is fairly easy to target the section your piece is for, and identify the editor(s) you could reach out to.  Arianna Huffington’s email address is even obtainable with a little Google-ing.  Another way to get contact info is to look up the HuffPost section on twitter.  Many sections will show an email address and/or twitter handles for the editors in the description.  Here are a few examples, or click here for a full list:

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.16.04 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.18.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.19.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 8.20.33 PM

4.  Present a Complete Package – When you send your pitch, be sure to provide everything they need: social media links, headshot, short bio and EDITED post (they are not likely to do any heavy editing).

5.  Attend Blog Conferences – Many bloggers have stories of getting inside Huffington Post scoop at blogging conferences.  Whether it is someone meeting Arianna Huffington and getting her personal email address at BlogHer ’14, or attendees of BlogU being given a direct submission email address, attendees of conferences with a HuffPost presence often come away with a bit of an edge.

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6.  Comment and Share – While this is by no means sure-fire, commenting on posts and HuffPost social media in your targeted section probably won’t hurt.  An editor may notice you and recognize your name when you submit, or in the case of some bloggers, an editor may even invite you to submit something based on comments alone.  You can achieve similar results with strategic sharing and being sure to tag appropriate editors.  While this strategy won’t get most bloggers into HuffPost, it may help a smoother environment for your other efforts.

7.  Go Viral and Tell Them – There are multiple stories of bloggers who went viral and subsequently pitched the post to Huffington Post letting them know its popularity, only to be picked up quickly.  In some cases, these bloggers were even passed over for the same post before it went viral.

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8.  Immerse Yourself – Read your desired section daily and note the types of posts they are publishing (titles, topics, writing style, word length etc.).  Take that information and model your submission accordingly.  For instance, if the top posts in your section are controversial, and hover around 500 words, that might be a good place to start with your post.

If you are a HuffPost blogger, we’d love to hear your tips!

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  2. OMG, Susan! I don’t know how to thank you for this post (esp. for providing those twitter screen shots with contact information!). I have yet to penetrate this seemingly impenetrable world of HuffPost blogging but from asking around, I have been told that #s 5 & 6 are extremely helpful / important. Anyway, thank you and I am sharing away! xoxo

  3. I’ve written two pieces for HuffPost so far. When I attempted to pitch via the form they provided, I didn’t receive a response. Then, I started working for a website that occasionally had pieces syndicated by HuffPost Impact, and one of my pieces was picked up. Most people I know who have been published on there accomplished that by starting small and progressing through different writing jobs (paid and volunteer) until reaching a place connected to HuffPost. Also, having faith in yourself never hurts! Good tips! 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Emily! It is so interesting to me to hear everyone’s story and nuances of how they got on.

  4. THANK YOU, Susan! As you know, I’ve been pitching and pitching to HuffPost with zero luck. I’m keeping at it, though!

    I love Beyond Your Blog – sooooo helpful! 🙂

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  8. Thank you so much for such a helpful article! Can you define “viral”? I wrote a piece that was shared over 10,000 times in just a single day (and thousands more after that). Pitched it to HP and didn’t hear anything back.

    1. Viral can be defined multiple ways and is not the same for everyone. I tend to think of it in terms of your typical post traffic. If you typically get 100 shares per post, 10k shares is exponentially more and that many shares mean way more eyes than that on it. Some people have a definition of # of shares, so hard to say. Check out my post on HuffPost email directory and maybe submit to a different section if you didn’t hear back.

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  10. Hi Susan,

    Your article was very helpful and I loved the advice! I’m currently attempting to write a blog post pitch for the Huffington Post. Since the second box says “include a final draft of your proposed post” do they want a draft of my actual article, or a draft of my pitch? You seem very knowledgeable about this, so I was hoping you’d know the answer.

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