Beyond Your Blog’s e-newsletter reaches readers who are interested in taking their writing to the next level, whether expanding publication credits beyond a personal blog, reaching for the next tier publication in their part-time or full-time freelance career, or submitting writing for the first time. Share your product or service offering with bloggers and writers through the BYB newsletter.

We limit newsletter ads to those that will be pertinent to our very targeted audience, so the select few ads in each newsletter stand out.  The Beyond Your Blog  e-Newsletter has over 3,700 subscribers, with an open rate of over 36% (well over the industry average of 18.7%). We currently publish about twice a month.

Ad Guidelines

  • Ads can be image or text
  • Images can vary in size, but a good rule of thumb is approximately 540 x 320, but we can work with slightly different dimensions a well. If in doubt, contact us!
  • Text only ads should be about 10 lines (about 60 characters each). We will adjust smaller amounts of text to larger font size to stand out.
  • All ads must be related to writing in some way (including blogging, publishing, submitting writing etc.)


  • $25 – Our $25 advertising space is at the end/bottom of the newsletter
  • $50 – Our $50 advertising space is the second
  • If you opt to run an ad for multiple weeks you will get a 5% discount per additional week up to 25%
  • For other options, contact Beyond Your Blog. Suggestions might include an expert tip in the newsletter with a line following about your product or service for example. We are open to creative suggestions.

To Purchase – Email Beyond Your Blog with your ad request. Please include any information about the product or service you will be advertising, whether you would like the $50 or $25 placement, and your desired month. BYB will provide newsletter date choices for your desired month and will send you an invoice via PayPal once approved.

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