Beyond Your Blog Linkup #2 – With Giveaway!

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Beyond Your Blog hosts a bi-weekly linkup and giveaway with a twist: We ask you to linkup ONLY your writing that has been featured on sites other than your own.  If you have recently been featured on another site, or guest posted on another blog, and want to send some extra love over to that post, you’ve come to the right place!

BYB Linkup

Our giveaway this week is A blog consultation from Beyond Your Blog.   Beyond Your Blog will review your blog and provide suggestions for where you may want to pitch/submit existing and future work, based on your goals, content fit, submission guidelines, and quality of work.

What You Get:

  1. Email containing 3 recommended sites, including submission links and tips (where applicable) for each site,
  2. Suggested content to submit for each site (existing posts, or suggested original topics),  
  3. Minimum of 1 anthology suggestion for submission
  4. BYB will promote any 2 posts you have featured on other sites prior to the consultation, via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

This is a $75 value!  Be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of the page for a chance to win!

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Each week we feature a favorite post from the prior linkup.  We also post it to our BYB Hall of Fame Pinterest Board.  Be sure to check out our board as we will also pin 3-5 other favorites from each linkup.  Take a peek if you linked up last time and see if your there!

The post we are featuring from last week’s link up is from Rochelle Fritsch, who blogs at The Late Arrival.  The post is called We’re Learning To Be Selfish, and is on BlogHer at the link below.  Rochelle wrote about a conversation with her daughter that taught a lesson about when it is okay to be selfish.

Were Learning To Be Selfish

The “Tom Boy’s” Art. – Rochelle Fritsch

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Now for the rules.  I like a good linkup, but I’m picky, because I want it to get some shares, I don’t like a lot of rules, and I don’t like throwing badges and buttons all over my blog.  The rules for this linkup are easy, and the giveaway and entry options are meant to make it worth your while to participate, without cluttering your blog.

3 Easy Steps:

The linkup runs only through the weekend (8/31), so be sure to submit your link(s) now to take part in our giveaway.  

  1. Share your post on ANY TOPIC below in the linkup.  The post MUST be something you have written that went up ON ANOTHER SITE (NOT your own blog).  This includes a guest post on a blog other than your own, or a feature on an online magazine or website.  This could also include any post you have on BlogHer (even if it isn’t featured or syndicated).
  2. Read and SHARE AT LEAST TWO OTHER POSTS (with hashtag #GetRead), and be sure to submit them in the giveaway entry box below.   If you are one of the first few to submit a link and there is nothing else to share, just come back before the giveaway ends to share other posts/submit your giveaway entries.  You must share 2 posts in order to participate in the link up, whether you enter the giveaway or not.
  3. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway after you linkup!

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13 Comments on “Beyond Your Blog Linkup #2 – With Giveaway!”

  1. Love the link up and the site. Like Vicki HuffPo, Scary Mommy and I’d also chuck in In the Powder Room. I’m definitely finding my biggest challenge is about making the time to write.

    1. I entered the contest (the terms were cool ones – so it was a pleasure being able to share peoples work) – I know your comps are all limited to US residents. I’m hoping(!) that because of the nature of this particular prize that it might be able to be offered to those of us outside of the States. No worries if not, I’ll continue to be a regular reader/joiner-inner.

      1. Yes, since this is not being shipped, I can offer it to anyone, regardless of location. Cheers!

  2. I love link-ups! I’m a voracious reader of everything, so it’s great to get such a variety of wonderful blogs and writers. Now I need more time to read everything!!! Thanks for doing this — it helps me, too.

  3. Susan, you have been so wonderful. Thanks for all of your help and this incredible site. Your site falls under the “be careful what you wish for” category. When you announced it was coming , I was so excited and couldn’t wait. It was the summer and I had more downtime. Now the blog is here and there’s so much on here and now I’m busy at work and school so when I see all this I am overwhelmed. Got to write, got to write, got to submit, got to submit. …. Ah! 🙂

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