Brain, Child Editor-in-Chief Shares: Ten Things Our Editors Love

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One of our favorite editors is telling us just what it is that editors at her publication love to see from submissions.

Guest Post By Marcelle Soviero – Editor-in-Chief, Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers

Brain, Child Magazine Editor-in-Chief Shares- 10 Things Our Editors Love - Beyond Your Blog Guest Post By Marcelle Soviero

  1. A beautiful essay that fits our readership: While we look first at the quality of the writing, we also look for different topics. We are happy to work with writers to improve an essay if the writing is strong and the topic is relevant.
  1. Send us your final version: We spend a lot of time editing, and if we begin the editing process and you come back with a rewrite, it is time-consuming to begin another edit on a newer version.
  1. A thank you via email or mail: What can I say? We appreciate this. It is a lot of work to select and edit hundreds of essays, so if you are happy with the way the piece came out, and the way it looks on our website or in print, do let us know.
  1. Promoting your piece once published: We love it when a writer tags the editor and Brain, Child on their social media channels. We publish your essays as a way to touch mothers, and encourage discussion, the more people who read the piece, the better – for all of us.
  1. Cover letters: Short with two clips is best. Also, let us know if you are a first time writer: We love to be the first to publish a new writer. No need to embellish a cover letter, the truth is always best.
  1. We welcome follow-up: If you have not heard back from us in 8 weeks, please do follow-up; every once in a while things fall through the cracks, or we need a gentle reminder.
  1. Quick turnaround: During the editing process we so appreciate responses and edits in a timely manner.
  1. Easy to work with: We love the work of selecting and editing pieces for our suite of Brain, Child products. We love to work with writers who are accepting and appreciative of our edits, our editing process is something that makes Brain, Child unique.

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  1. We love to know if you are a subscriber, or if there was a recent or past essay that you connected to. We work hard, it’s just nice to know we are supported.
  1. We love our writers: If you’ve worked with us before, acknowledge this and continue to develop the relationship. This makes us feel special and happy.

To learn more about submitting your writing to Brain, Child, listen to Beyond Your Blog’s podcast interview with Marcelle from October of 2015.

Marcelle Headshot 4Marcelle Soviero is the Editor-in-Chief of Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, now celebrating its 15th year. She is also the author of An Iridescent Life: Essays on Motherhood.


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