Donna Ryan: Confidence From Blogging and Being Featured

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My name is Donna Ryan and I began my website and blog 50 Plus Sticking Together 5 years ago. I was turning 50 and at the same time my then 89-year-old Mom had a heart attack, and we all decided it best she move in with my husband and I.  I stopped working my part-time job as the manager of a dance/martial arts school, to spend quality time with her. My husband saw sadness in me, as I loved being Julia’s daughter, but was also a mother, wife, friend. I had such enthusiasm for living that being home more was making me feel stifled. He encouraged me to start a website and while I thought he was crazy I said “OK” only because he worked so hard to set me up and was paying the bloggers fee every month. I dabbled with it here and there when mom was resting but did not do it seriously.

Donna Ryan started blogging in her 50s and  is slowly gaining knowledge and confidence.  She shares her blogging accomplishments as well as the boost she has gotten from other sites featuring her writing.

Mom passed away at the age of 93 and I began tapping the keys again. One day I happened to be on Facebook and friended an author that I like. I shared a link to my blog on a post of hers, and the next thing I knew I received an email from the co-editor of an online woman’s magazine asking if she could use the article on her site. I nearly fainted. Just this morning she added my 13th article so far this year. Because I am not a trained writer, I love her edited versions and I am learning so much from her.

The door to my confidence opened and I bravely decided to submit articles to other websites. A second site loved an article I wrote and I actually got 51 likes! Now I know 51 is not huge but to a person like me who writes for a hobby, I felt like a millionaire. They posted my third article onto their site yesterday. I have not made a nickel blogging as of yet, but I feel like the richest person in the world as I have come such a long way this year to have my story shared.

I made a new year’s resolution to my husband December 31 2013 that I would work harder on the website, write a piece at least every month and would try my best to somehow get it shared. I am proud to say I accomplished it! My goal moving forward is to enjoy sharing my story. While I would love one day to have the opportunity to get paid for an article, or get more traffic to my site, I am taking my time. I am learning and getting inspiration from other bloggers and sites and believing in myself. The main goal for me is from within myself and just enjoying the journey and not stressing on my final destination. When the stress leaves and you feel positive, you get the confidence to take action. Dreams cannot come true without action so I am glad my husband encouraged me to take those scary first steps.

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  1. Donna, Thank you for sharing. Sorrows shared are divided and JOYS SHARED ARE MULTIPLIED! So happy you are staying the course and continuing to write! I am also home after many years in the work force – not only that, we moved hundreds of miles away from family and friends last year. I started blogging and engaged in social media (I was a FB hold-out) in order to connect somehow. I know what you mean about ‘small victories’. I am celebrating (with myself, thinking it is so small and silly I can’t possibly shout out loud) that my blog has had visitors 17 days in a row and after 3 months exceeded 1000 totals views, if my WP stats are accurate. I am working up to submitting to other sites and generating an income. Let’s keep moving forward! Blessings – Trish

  2. Major congratulations to you! I love everything about this piece, from the support of your sensitive husband to your confidence escalation. But what I love most is probably the sheer joy that radiates from your words. I have much to learn from you. For some reason when I set goals and then achieve them, I still think “this is not enough.” And so I set more goals and eventually achieve them and the cycle begins anew. I know this was probably not the main idea you meant to convey but it was a big take away for me today. Savor the Joy of what I have accomplished. Is IS enough. Thank you and congratulations again!

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