Getting Rejections Is A Good Thing!

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If you are submitting your writing to other sites and anthologies for publication, you may be on the receiving end of some rejections.  Listen for a chuckle, and to hear why I think getting rejections is a good thing!

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If you have funny or unbelievable rejections that I can share in a future video (anonymously of course), send them to

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9 Comments on “Getting Rejections Is A Good Thing!”

  1. This might be odd to say, but this was inspiring, Susan! LOL! You know what I mean. At least we know that everyone or MOST everyone gets a rejection every now and then. At least it’s good that these editors wrote back. I’ve just received the silent treatment and it sucks. As to the ‘that’s been covered before’, duh! Seriously? Everytime I look at the most popular sites bloggers contribute to and get published on (I won’t specify anymore), I see topics that have been covered to death and yet there they are– published, appreciated and some have even gone viral. So yeah, I don’t get that one. Anyway, great Vlog Susan! I thoroughly enjoyed that!

      1. Thanks for the feedback Magnolia! I actually know the Will F. skits with cowbell and BOC reference. That is part of the reason I loved that comment so much! Next VLOG I should introduce some cowbell!

  2. This was a fab vlog!
    As the primary gatekeeper over at Blunt Moms, I can say we get the whole gamut of submissions. When we decide not to use a post, we always try to give a considered response that might be helpful to the author.
    My observation has been that many bloggers write for their own audiences one way, but when they write for Blunt Moms they are often pushing outside of their usual style and trying something new. Which can be great, because it stretches the author’s chops. However, it can be the equivalent of taking up a pen in your other hand. It is messy until you figure it out. We try to help writers make that adjustment and eventually write equally well in multiple styles.
    Rejections with honest feedback are harder to take than a sugar shower of lies but you are so right Susan, they can be helpful once the burn wears off.
    And by the way…. cowbells is from a Saturday Night Live skit…. google it.
    Great blog, great vlog!

    1. Good analogy about writing for other sites being like writing with your other hand! I was a bit shaky at first but now I find that my posts elsewhere are WAY better than those on my own blog. I guess because I re-read them a billion times and ask for outside input, too. “At the end of the day, I still put my pants on one leg at a time. But when my pants are on, I make gold records.” You can never have too much cowbell 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I read your post. I hope you did or will do something else with the submission since the book is not using it. I’d love to read it!

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