How To Create A Featured Writing Page In 5 Easy Steps

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Now that you have been featured in a few places, you want to get the word out!  

Besides social media promotion and teaser posts, a Featured Writing page is a great way to showcase your writing outside of your blog (and brag a little).

This can be a place for your fans to go to read things that may not have been published on your own blog and can also serve as a mini resume for other bloggers, publishers, media outlets etc. that may want to work with you.

Don’t have a Featured Writing Page?  Follow these steps to create one!

If you are a blogger and want to promote your writing that has been featured on other websites, follow these 5 easy steps to create a featured writing page. This will make it easy for other bloggers as well as publishers and others looking to work with you, to find you and get a feel for your writing experience and resume.

1.  Location – Decide where you want your page to appear from a menu standpoint.  You want it to appear where readers and those looking to learn more about your work would typically look, and that tends to be near the About page or possibly in an About sub menu.

2.  Name – Once you’ve decided on a location for your featured writing page, think about the title.  A few I have seen are:

  • Featured Writing
  • Featured On
  • Also Seen Here
  • As Featured On
  • As Seen On
  • Publications
  • Published On These Sites
  • Where I’m Featured
  • Find My Articles

3.  Layout – There are many ways you can structure your page including text only organized by host site, listed next to host site badges, or included as a section on the page along with sections for videos, interviews, books and other media where applicable.  You could also do it by topic or chronological order if that would make sense for your blog.  Here are some examples of some Featured Writing pages that show a wide variety of layouts.

4.  Add Links – Once you decide on the layout for your page, you are ready to start adding your article links.  However you structure your page, be sure to include the names of the host sites.

5.  Add Extras –  You may want to add some of these optional extras to your page as well:

  • Site Badges – I like to put as many badges as I can for the sites I’ve been published on in my sidebar, but if your site design doesn’t support that or you have limited real estate, the Featured Writing page can be another place to put those badges.  It can also add visual interest to the page.  I find that I am familiar with a lot of the sites my fellow bloggers are published on and a quick visual scan helps me quickly get a feel for their feature resume, and zero in on the ones I may want to read.
  • Other Images – If you don’t want to do badges, you could always do screen shots of your posts with the site logos and link them to your articles.  Be sure to add a click-able title too.
  • Descriptions – You may choose to add short descriptions of each site to help guide readers, or a note about your features if there is anything you want to communicate to your readers (by site or specific to each submission).
  • Other Publications – This might be a good place to present other things like books you have written, anthologies you have been a part of, future books or anthologies with cover art (if available), interviews, video appearances, columns, other writing experience, etc.
  • Speaking Engagements – if you’ve done a live performance show like Listen To Your Mother or That’s What She Said (for example), this would be a good place to showcase that.  Any conference presentations or other speaking engagements might also be presented here

The main thing you want to keep in mind is that you want to communicate WHERE you have been published and the type of writing they will find on each site, whether it is titles only or longer descriptions.  Be creative or keep it simple.  Either way, this tends to be an easy page to put together.  Once you create this page, be sure to add any new features to keep it current.

If you have a favorite example Featured Writing page (yours or someone else’s), link to it in the comments!

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24 Comments on “How To Create A Featured Writing Page In 5 Easy Steps”

  1. A great reminder to update my site — and I just did it ( blog page). Thanks! And one related question, what’s the etiquette on re-using the actual post on my own blog to give it a refresh and still point back to the original host site — that way everyone gets a double hit?

    1. Good question! Most sites are okay with that as long as it is a fair amount of time after it has ‘run its course’ on their site. That said, I have seen some sites with contracts that state specific time frames or that say you must get their permission, so I’d review anything you agreed to/signed first and ask the editor just in case. I’d maybe let them know that you plan to give it an intro saying it was first published on THEIR site and maybe let them know you will include a little intro about their site with some links pointing to some current favorites by other authors and see if they are good with it. I think most will be.

    1. I had a hard time finding yours on your site when I was looking for it the other day. For some reason, ‘essays’ didn’t make the connection for me. I’d maybe try one of the menu titles in this article ‘Featured Writing’ or even ‘Featured Essays’. Other than that, I like your layout by site. If I am a Mamalode fan and a Nina fan I can just run down that list and so forth. Usually I want logos/graphics, but I don’t miss them on your page.

      1. that’s great feedback! I will think of a new word. I can’t decide if featured writing just sounds like favorite posts on the blog though!

        1. You can try something like “You Can Also Find Me Here” or “Published Writing” or “I’ve Written For…” or “Places I’ve Written” etc.

          1. Sorry I’m so needy! Cleaned it up a bit. Went with “publications” since I have limited room on menu bar and I’m attached to the other stuff there too.

  2. Thanks for including mine! So the funny thing is, I’m having a website redesign (in a few days!) to make my website a little bit more like an author portfolio page in addition to a blog. I just added a Portfolio page that will be more strategic and specific than my FW list, and I think I LOVE Carisa’s idea about including excerpts from each piece I choose! I also like the idea of adding images to spice it up… This is great, Susan. As usual.

  3. I love Carisa’s too! I liked yours for a simple text example, but there are some cool things you can do to make it a bit more dramatic and she is a really nice example of that.

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  5. I’m honored to have been included as an example, Susan. Thanks heaps! A site description or brief description of the type of writing found in each site / host is a great idea though! I may just work on that one soon. :-)))

  6. Susan,
    Thanks for including mamawolfe in your example list…it’s fun to see so many other styles that bloggers use to share their featured stories, and it’s always a great way to find other publications that might work for our own style of writing. Thanks so much to you for all your support.

  7. Great suggestions! I have a “Hire Me” page geared toward letting people know that I accept freelance opportunities and have listed (text only) some places where my writing has been featured. Wondering now if I should leave that and/or add a separate portfolio page???

    1. Hmmm – That’s great as sort of a mini resume for people who want to hire you. It couldn’t hurt to do a featured writing page that might also send readers to read some of your work on other sites and also show off your accomplishments, since they are not likely to visit the hire me page.

  8. This is a fantastic article! I thought I was doing it right…and now I’m thinking I need to hire you to recreate my Featured Writing page!

  9. Visiting from SITS and I’m so glad I found your blog! Great suggestions for creating a Featured Page, my goal is to have one on my blog. I’m looking forward to searching your blog and discovering tips that will help me with my new blog. Have a great day!

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