How Your Significant Other Can Support Your Writing: 10 Bloggers Share

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Many of you know my husband Chad through his voice on my podcast intro (yep, that’s him!), or my mentions of him here and there during interviews. While he doesn’t get a lot of credit, he is the other half of the ‘we’ in Beyond Your Blog (No, I don’t just say ‘we’ so you will all think I have a team of Oompa Loompas here doing my bidding), and the reason I’m not curled up in fetal position every time something on my blog breaks.

I’ve realized from talking to other bloggers, that husbands, wives, partners, boyfriends and girlfriends support us bloggers in LOTS of different ways, so I set out to capture some of that in this post.

I thought about publishing this post in time for Valentine’s Day, but since I am unable to delay gratification until 2016, you are reading it now! Not only do I get a chance to sing Chad’s praises, but 9 other bloggers join me in sharing the unique and awesome ways that their significant others support their writing and blogging work or hobby.

How Your Significant Other Can  Support Your Writing- 10 Bloggers Share - Beyond Your Blog



My husband Chad is the technical and marketing genius behind Beyond Your Blog. Not only does he edit my podcast, fix my technical problems, write code and redesign my site, he has also always treated my blogging hobby as if it were as important as his full-time job. I’m not sure if I would have been so supportive had roles been reversed, which is something I often think about. It reminds me how important it is to show others that you believe in them. He also sends me for ‘Mommy Time’ regularly for entire weekend days where I go somewhere and write or work on other blogging tasks all day, and he entertains the kids (which may or may not include riding a mechanical bull from time to time).IMG_3626

[bctt tweet=”He has always treated my blogging hobby as if it were as important as his full-time job”]

From Susan of Beyond Your Blog. We offer tips, opportunities, and a weekly podcast with an editor to help bloggers get published on sites beyond their personal blog.

Dr. J

My husband does ALL my tech support and edits every post I publish, but that’s not what swells my heart. Our past few years as a family have been rough. Yet, despite the endless hours and energy I pour into my barely-paid blogging career (when there is so little of each to spare), my husband respects blogging as something I not only love, but as something I need to do. The space he gives while unquestioningly allowing me to land in his safe encouragement when it becomes daunting is one of the most real gifts I’ve received on this earth.

Untitled design (1) (1)

From Meredith of The Mom of the Year: It’s rough out there–take a minute for a fun break, a less serious look at world of parenting…





To launch my debut novel, I decided to become one of the first living persons to walk the 444-mile Natchez Trace. 15 miles a day. On a highway. For 34 days. I thought taking readers into my novel’s world and blogging about it every day would catapult it the top of best seller lists, because I really am that stupid. 🙂 MTM never once questioned my sanity. He uploaded blog posts, pictures and video when I had no signal. He updated readers when I couldn’t. He made four 12-hour-each-way trips to support me, all despite his stressful full-time job.


From Andra Watkins of Where everyone goes to learn too much about author Andra Watkins.




Randy is my biggest fan and supports me in so many different ways. When my blog is sick, he finds a way to fix it (even though I’m a computer programmer by trade). He finds (most) of my misused words. He laughs when I’m funny and pulls me back when I’m not. He nags me constantly about my penchant for using passive language. The best thing, though, when I succeed, the first thing I see is a huge and genuine smile on his face.


From Michelle of Rubber shoes in hell – Running into my fifties with my fingers in my ears going LA LA LA LA.




My husband Dale gives me time. He works long hours and travels regularly for work. So when he is home, he lets me write. He is known to pack up all 3 monsters (ages 6, 4, and 2) and take off for the entire day so I can work. I don’t often know where they are going, and I know there will surely be excessive sugar intake, but the house is quiet. Or he pushes me into my van and sends me to Starbucks with my laptop, telling me I’m not allowed to come home for at least 4-5 hours. 


From Karen of The 21st Century SAHM, a cathartic mix of parenthood woes, angry Mama Bear rants, and heartfelt confessions.

Mr. Writer B

He supports blogging by respecting it. It’s never treated like some silly little hobby. He cheers me on, takes the kids when I need time, and reads every word I write. He always has something nice to say and I can tell he’s proud, even when I horrify him by oversharing. Ridiculous hours go into blogging, yet I’ve never once received an eye roll or sarcastic remark. This validates my work more than he could ever know. The best thing, though? When reading a post, he laughs where he’s supposed to.

[bctt tweet=”I can tell he’s proud, even when I horrify him by oversharing @beth_teliho”]


From Beth (or Writer B), the sometimes thoughtful, mostly funny, and often inappropriate stories and observations from my life as a blogger, fiction author, and SAHM.


Brandon is an extremely tolerant fiance — I mean husband now!  He’s amazing.  You may think as an engineer he doesn’t have a creative bone in his body, but his work takes so much innovation, art skill, and creativity.  He designed my creative artist site and puts together my weekly newsletter for that site as well.  He does so much for my site and inspires my art. He is my business better half who helps me take it in new directions, and is also the more “human” part of me that gives me a (more than) gentle reminder that it’s tie to cool it, turn the computer off for the night, and just watch some TV.


From Amy of Allspice & Acrylics, a celebration of life’s beautiful detours through art and creativity.


I quit my job almost 4 years ago to stay home and focus on raising our children. I’m good at being a mom and a wife, but my passion is writing. Robbie recognized that passion, and encouraged me to pursue it. He saved up the money to buy me a laptop when I was published in my first anthology. He raised over $1,000 in under a week to send me to a blogging conference. He doesn’t view my blog as a “hobby” — in fact, he reminds me regularly that this is only the beginning. He is my constant source of encouragement and support. What others thought I couldn’t or shouldn’t do, he said I COULD and I WOULD.

I did. I am. Because he believes I can.


From Harmony of Modern Mommy Madness: Honesty and insanity in one fell swoop.

Dr. Physics

Being a scientist, my husband doesn’t support my writing in the traditional sense. His supporting role is keeping me firmly grounded in reality. When I am tempted to spend more and more time writing/reading/editing, he helps me gauge when it’s taking too much time away from our family.  “Publish or perish” is part of his job, so he reminds me — no matter how novel my ideas or meaningful my words, “rejection is part of writing.” Even when I want validation from publishers, he encourages me to keep writing because he believes what I have to say is important.

[bctt tweet=”He reminds me no matter how novel my ideas or meaningful my words, ‘rejection is part of writing'”]

C S writing reading

From Sonya from Spilling Over: As a motherless mother, I write to share myself with my kids and give voice to a journey through grief and into grace. 

Mr. Qwiet Muse

When I decided to start a blog, my husband was my biggest cheerleader. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but his encouragement led me to take the leap, I knew he’d be there to catch me if I fell. I haven’t fallen, I’ve stumbled though, and almost called it quits a time or two, but he was right there in my corner. Aside from his amazing emotional support, the greatest thing he does is leave me the heck alone when I write. That, and feed himself without complaint when I type straight through dinner. He is my rock.


From Crystal of The Qwiet Muse: Every word I write is a beat of my heart . . .


If your spouse or significant other supports your blogging in a unique way, I’d love to hear from you for a future follow-up post. Email me at with 100 words or so about how they support your work, a link to your blog with a one sentence description, your sig other’s name or how you refer to them in the blogosphere, and a photo (sweet, funny, artsy) that goes with your submission.

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  1. I’ll share this elsewhere, but I wanted to say this here, too

    Thank you for writing this piece. Not because you included my husband, but because your words about Chad made me appreciate MTM more than I have in a while. If our roles were reversed, I KNOW how unsupportive I’d be of him and his dreams. I spent several hours in the car running to presentations today, and I had ample time to ponder your words and my own failings. In a couple of days, MTM and I will celebrate the day he first said hello to me, and I will use it as an opportunity to be a better, more supportive person and partner to him.

    We make words and fling them into cyberspace, and we seldom know whether anyone actually reads and comprehends them. Please know this piece made a difference for me today. Thank you again.

  2. I just loved this post and learning about everyone’s spouse. My husband has also been a huge supporter of my blog and is in fact my editor. Since he is an editor in real life it’s proved very handy! It’s also why you will never read much about my husband on my blog!! Lol!

  3. My husband has been so incredibly supportive in every way. Since he and I have worked together for years songwriting, performing and running a band, he understands the demands and challenges of what I do.

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  5. Without them . . . we’d never have to take break from writing 🙂 I loved reading this (and having my voice shared along with these amazing bloggers). Now I just have to find a way to tell him his new name is Mr. Qwiet Muse!

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