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Saying “Thank you” to your host site is a great idea after your work is featured.  A short email to your editor letting them know your why you enjoyed being featured and thanking them for giving you the opportunity can be a nice way to show your appreciation.

This week, I am saying some overdue thank you’s to everyone who has helped make Beyond Your Blog resonate with so many bloggers during its first 4 months.

Saying Thanks - Beyond Your Blog says thanks to everyone who has made us a success in the first 4 months


First I have to thank the editors who said YES to podcast interviews before I even had a live site.  Their podcasts are all linked here in case you want to listen to them in a tryptophan haze during some down time over this Thanksgiving holiday.  

Val Curtis of BonBon Break, Leslie Marinelli of In The Powder Room, and Dr. Chrisitina Yother of Project: Underblog all said yes without hesitation, knowing me only as a contributor to their sites.  This was huge considering I was and AM a huge fan of both them and their websites.  While I didn’t advertise it, I had no interviewing skills, nor had I ever taken a site through a launch process.  Having these women in my corner was a huge motivator!

Another thank you to Jen Mann of People I Want To Punch In The Throat.  When your site is a week old and she offers you an interview, you take it…and you feel very important and superior for some time.  (You might also read her hilarious new book and then make her your imaginary friend in your head because you talked to her on Skype that one time).

Then there were the really heavy hitters who I never dreamed would have time for the likes of me.  Rita Arens of BlogHer (less than a week after BlogHer ’15 ended I might add), Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy and Amy Newmark of Chicken Soup For The Soul all miraculously said yes, giving me wonderful interviews and huge name dropping potential when trying to score future interviews.

Many thanks to Lisa Nolan of Moms Who Write and Blog and The Publishing Bloggers Network for not only doing a podcast interview, but inviting me in as a host to her Facebook groups where I can share submission tips and interviews with her unsuspecting audience.

Additional thanks to my recent podcast guests:

Thanks also to all of the bloggers and writers who did interviews, responded to Q&A  and/or put together great guest posts on the topic of submitting writing.

I built this site because submissions seemed to be a hush-hush topic in the blog world with many bloggers keeping opportunities to themselves and everyone else finding out too late or never.  I think we have opened that door and made it more of an open and encouraging community, rather than an exclusive and competitive club.  I hope that for editors, we have helped drive some great stories and writers to your sites.

Big thanks go out to everyone in the Beyond Your Bloggers Facebook Group as well as those of you leaving messages and kind words on my social media and blog comments.  You provide wonderful discussion, encouragement, feedback and of course amazing featured posts every day!

A final thanks to my husband who does all of the podcast editing and tech stuff for Beyond Your Blog and is very cool about being ignored from time to time when I am in BYB world.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you step away from the Google Analytics and social media long enough to enjoy some relaxing time with friends and family this Thanksgiving!



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  1. Susan, YOU and your site are what we are all so grateful for! I know I have thanked you before but because of you helping us get exposure my blog traffic has tripled and I write humor columns for two print magazines now because my confidence in submitting escalated. It’s all the domino effect and you tipped over the first one for me. Thank you!

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