Beyond Your Blog researches and works with numerous online magazines and anthologies who are accepting submissions, and offers assistance to bloggers who are looking for guidance and advice to get started submitting their work.  These services are ideal for new bloggers, or veteran bloggers who are new to submitting their work.  Bloggers with past submissions, who are looking for new places to submit their work, will also find value.  If you have written something in a new niche and are unsure where to submit it, these services will assist you as well.

Advice on Best Places to submit (services ad)

NOTE: Due to Susan’s desire to focus exclusively on each consulting engagement, she only works on one report per week. You will be notified shortly after your purchase of when you can expect your report based on the current number of orders. If you want to check ahead of purchase to get an idea of where you will be in the queue, and your timeframe for delivery, please email

Submission Recommendations Report Service:

For bloggers who are looking for a comprehensive review of their work, Susan Maccarelli of Beyond Your Blog will review your personal blog and provide submission recommendations for both existing and future work, based on content fit, submission guidelines, quality and type of work as well as your specified goals.

What You Receive:

  1. Susan will spend 30-60 minutes reviewing your blog and getting to know your content and writing style. Writing samples can be provided in lieu of a blog if you don’t have a personal blog. Susan will then spend about 3 hours putting together a customized report that will be delivered to you via email.
  2. Your customized report will contain 3 recommended sites to submit your work to, their submission links and applicable tips or guidance for submitting to each.
  3. Your customized report will also suggest content to submit for each site (existing posts, and/or suggested original topics based on your niche).
  4. In addition, you will have unlimited Q&A via email for 4 weeks after delivery for any questions related to submissions and the recommendations you receive from Beyond Your Blog.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase service via Paypal.
  2. You will receive a questionnaire within 24 hours of purchase and will complete it and return it Beyond Your Blog. Please note that Beyond Your Blog operates Monday-Friday, and if you purchase on a weekend or holiday, you may not receive your questionnaire until the following business day.
  3. Once your completed questionnaire is received, BYB will be in touch within 2 business days to let you know when your work has been scheduled and when you can expect to receive your report!


Please email with any questions, or to discuss availability/current expectations for delivery.

Beyond Your Blog Consulting Clients Are Saying…

“Susan recently evaluated my blog and writing. It was a great experience. She not only gave me a list of places to submit my work that are suited to my writing style and content, she also gave a detailed explanation of how each site’s submission process worked, tips to get my submission seen by the right people, and a lot of encouragement. This evaluation was just what I needed to help me take the next step with my writing.”

— Tracie Nall (From Tracie)

“Beyond Your Blog provided an invaluable service, which I fully credit for not only my first feature, but my first viral post. 20,000 shares and counting. Thanks BYB!”

— Mary Katherine Backstrom (Mom Babble)

“Beyond Your Blog was very helpful in finding some great sites to submit my writing to, as well as offering wonderful information about each of them and how I can go about submitting my work.   If you are wanting to learn more about a variety of opportunities in which to submit and publish your work, and you are not sure which venues are best for you- Beyond Your Blog will get you started!  I am excited to venture out and take some risks, with the new-found knowledge they provided.”

Chris Carter (The Mom Cafe)

“What a lot of useful information Susan provides! Her feedback is detailed and wide-ranging, and helped me to get a better feel for where my writing fits in the marketplace. I feel very encouraged by her suggestions: some were new to me, and one I had been trying to pluck up courage to send a submission to. I will now!” 

–Yvonne Spence (Inquiring Parent and

“Susan was very helpful and thorough – she reviewed my blog and some of my in-progress work and gave me some great pointers on where to submit.  She also gave me some resources I didn’t know about.  Her recommendations were spot on and she gave me a the feedback (and boost of confidence) I needed to not be too chicken to share my work with larger sites.  I would recommend her to anyone.  Susan rocks!”

–Kristen Jill Robbins (Ripped Jeans & Bifocals)

“Susan is a bloggers dream! Every blogger looks for suggestions and input relative to where they might ‘fit in’, how they can build a better audience, and how they can get their work better recognized. Beyond Your Blog offers everything you could possibly imagine…all in one place! Susan reviewed a piece for me and really put her all into it. She gave me outstanding feedback, let me know what sites would be best to submit to for my style of writing, offered genuine and helpful constructive feedback, and so much more. If you’ve reached this page searching for a way to improve your blog, gain a larger following, or are looking for help with a guest post submission, look no further, Super Susan is your gal!”

–Ashley Alteman (Crazy Life of Smash!)

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