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This page has a list of some of my favorite things in the blogging world. I’m an affiliate for some, but not all, and nothing gets on this page unless I love it and think some of my readers might too. If it says it is an affiliate link, that just means that if you click the link and make a purchase, I get a small portion of the sale at no extra cost to you.

99designs – For those of you who have followed BYB over the years, you know I have been very flakey with my logo. I think I went through 4 before I found my logo soul mate. I used a company called 99designs and it took me about 10-15 minutes to purchase a logo package where I was able to run a contest and have tons of designers at my back and call. I was guaranteed 30 designs and I got well over 100! The quality was really amazing and I found my dream logo! They also offer design options for pretty much anything you can think of from business cards and book covers to web and business designs (even tattoos!). Anyway, I felt pretty special with dozens of designers throwing awesome logos my way for several days. I was able to rate them, ask for tweaks and invite my favorite designers into the final design round. I loved them so much, I became an affiliate, so if any of you are in search of a designer, I recommend them without hesitation! Click here to check them out.

SumoMe – SumoMe is a free set of tools that I use on this website to grow my subscriber list. First, understand that my site isn’t huge. I have about 30,000 page views a month right now (and growing), but considerably less unique visitors to my site each month. Even with those stats 100s of people subscribe to my newsletter each month through the FREE SumoMe tools I use on my site. I used to think it was just a pop up window, but it is SO much more. It can be a pop up like I use (and love), but there are other flavors as well – a smart bar at the top of your page, a welcome mat page, a scroll box that politely comes from the corner of your screen and much more. I started with a skeptical ‘I’ll try this and just see‘ approach, and a year and a half later am still using it, because IT WORKS. To give it a try, you can visit my partner page – I work with SumoMe to spread the word and they do compensate me as people try out their tools.


Mom Blog Academy – When I audited this ecourse, I couldn’t wait to help promote it! I met Shari at a conference and thought to myself “Now there is an organized and motivated person who knows her stuff!”. I also thought to myself that she might have the best hair I’d ever seen, but that’s beside the point. Shari has launched an awesome course called MOM BLOG ACADEMY – Practical Info You Need To Start A Profitable Blog, a course that is great for newer bloggers looking to take their blogging to the next level, and those getting ready to start their own blog.

Shari’s course is self-paced with 6 info-packed videos and a follow-along work book with bite sized activities/assignments to complete as you go. She takes you from finding your niche and setting up your website to SEO and social media, monetizing & MUCH more. She even addresses my favorite topic: submitting your work!  Oh, and you also get hand holding via a Facebook Group and Q&A sessions. I’m an affiliate, so I get a small portion of any sale through this link.

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The HerStories Project Writing Courses – HerStories is my top pick for courses to improve your writing. Theirs was the first course I ever invested in to improve my writing, and I also served as a guest instructor for a portion of their Publish Your Personal Essay BootCamp. I can’t say enough about their courses and how they can benefit writers at all experience levels. I have been an affiliate for their courses for quite a while, and I could not wait to share when I saw that several of their courses are now offered in self-paced format for a ridiculously low price. If you want major bang for very little bucks, these courses offer that. Check out their special Spring 2016 course sale HERE.

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Make Money to Write About Your Kids (285 Markets): Get Published in Regional, National and Online Parenting and Family Magazines (< Amazon affiliate link) – I interviewed author Kerrie McLoughlin on my podcast and she shared how she is often paid to publish her writing in the free family and parenting magazines in localities across the US. She also shared how they are often open to paying for republished work that was not published in a competitive market. Kerrie has been paid for the same piece over 30 times in some cases! She explains it more in this book, and half the book is a directory of where you can submit your work.

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