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Let me introduce myself.  If you don’t know me, I run Beyond Your Blog, and although I often say ‘We’ in social media and blog pages, it’s really just little old me running things here at BYB central.  Technically, I feel I can say ‘we’ because after enough whining, begging and tears (if need be), my tech-savvy, yet blog-weary husband comes to my rescue for all things WordPress, podcast and moral support.

That said, I am going to share the first recipe I have ever shared online.  Nope, I’m not a food blogger (lucky for you). I’m sharing my personal recipe for how to get syndicated on BlogHer.  Yep, that’s when they pay you!

I am calling it a recipe, because just like there are thousands of ways to make brownies, this is just one way to get syndicated on BlogHer, and happens to be how I did it.  I’d love to hear your story in the comments, and be sure to listen to my podcast with BlogHer Deputy Editor, Rita Arens for her inside scoop about getting syndicated on BlogHer.

Susan's Recipe For BlogHer Syndication - I am going to share the first recipe I have ever shared online. Nope, I'm not a food blogger (lucky for you). I'm sharing my personal recipe for how to get syndicated on BlogHer. Yep, that's when they pay you!



Let me break it down.

  • 1-2 Months Visiting BlogHer Daily – I started out by visiting BlogHer pretty much every day (at least week days).  I got familiar with the way they categorize posts and I zeroed in pretty easily on the sections and sub sections that were the best fits for me.  After a successful feature in the Blogging and Social Media category, I targeted that category for the purposes of this recipe.
  • 4-5 Months, Cross Posting – I  cross posted most of my personal blog content on BlogHer for several months prior to being syndicated. I would imagine that many people are syndicated after cross-posting for far less time, but this was my experience.  I was mainly posting in 3 sections: Family, Work/Life and Blogging and Social Media, and was featured in all of them here and there.
  • 1 Comment Per Day – During the time I was visiting BlogHer daily, I was making sure to leave a minimum of one comment per day on a BlogHer post, just to get my tiny headed avatar in front of editors a bit (and because there is awesome content to interact with and comment on!).
  • 2-3 Shares Per Week – While I was visiting and commenting, I made sure to share things I really liked.  I didn’t force shares, I just remembered to show some share love on the posts I really liked.  I was sure to tag @BlogHer, the author, and the section (@BlogHerBlogging for example), so they knew I was a fan AND sharing their content.
  • A Pinch of Following – It goes without saying that I was following BlogHer on social media.  I was also following the applicable sections (@BlogHerBlogging, @BlogHerFamily etc.).  I also found the editors and followed them on their social media/personal blogs and read their bios here: BlogHer Editor Info
  • 3 Topic Choices For Original – When they notified me that I had been featured in the Blogging and Social Media section for the second time, the editor also asked me to do an original and left the topic up to me.  I pitched 3 ideas and she liked: How To Boost Your Site With A Blog Series the best (so did I).  I wrote this and it was published the following month.

In my case, I was asked to write something original vs. having something I had already written syndicated, but the result was pretty much the same.  BlogHer could always find you in cyberspace (social media, your blog, BlogHer Publishing Network blogs and even your BlogHer posts) and ask to syndicate something you have written, but being proactive is probably your best bet.  That could include an approach like my recipe, OR submitting your syndication pitch the old-fashioned way on t by pitching an editor or usin the Syndication Form

Leave a comment to share your BlogHer syndication successes (or attempts).  We’d love to hear!

Be sure to check out my interview with BlogHer’s Deputy Editor Rita Arens for more info and tips on getting syndicated on BlogHer!

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  2. i went on BlogHer a while back, when I first started blogging and I just didn’t get it. I still don’t. I have to be honest, I haven’t gone back in a few months to try and figure out what it all is about. Do you blog on their instead of your own blog? Help! One of my favorite bloggers just said they got syndicated on BlogHer and I thought that was pretty cool, so I was excited to stumble on your post. I just don’t get how BlogHer works and how to use it. The few posts I read about how to do it on the site weren’t very clear.

    1. Once you set up your account on BlogHer, you can start posting there. For the majority of people, this consists of posts that already exist on their own site. As soon as you post them (cut and paste title & content, classify them into the appropriate BlogHer sections etc.), they are published on BlogHer, exposing them to a new audience. Anyone going to that section can see them (at least for a short time) and then they are archived. You will be able to see how many reads your posts get on BlogHer. From here, BlogHer may choose to feature them as the section editors can see everything that is posted. Check out my new post about how one of my posts was featured and went from fizzled out to 21,000 views! Featured means they post it prominently on the site, add a photo and promote it via things like newsletter and/or social media. You can also have posts syndicated on BlogHer (paid) by pitching BlogHer (and a few other methods). I just posted my interview with Rita Arens, Deputy Editor at BlogHer, that explains everything in more detail. Hope this helps!

      1. I think I didn’t realize until now that I actually had to “post” my posts. I thought since I could see my blog posts generated automatically on my profile page ( that they could be seen by others. So, am I now understanding correctly that it doesn’t really get in front of people’s faces unless I post (and tag) the content myself?
        It probably mentioned this in the fine print somewhere, but fine print is my frenemy. 🙂

        1. Shannon – If you can see your content on your BlogHer profile, it should be ‘posted’. When you entered it into the system, it should have asked for title, etc. and one of the things it asked for was to select from a list of BlogHer sections and subsections: Blogging/Social Media, Work/Life, Family, Food etc. Depending which you picked (they let you choose up to 3 I think), your post would have showed up on that page and sort of gets bumped down the page over time, unless BlogHer decides to contact you and let you know they are featuring it, in which case it gets a graphic added to it so it looks more exciting on the pages in preview mode, and it goes to the top of the respective and home pages for a while, and again moves down over time. Does this make sense?

  3. I cannot thank you enough for writing this out so concretely & concisely. Also for the simple way you answered the above question on “getting BlogHer” because I had not been fully grasping it all either. I originally discovered you from your great piece in humor prompts (linked above) and I was the one who did a “What’s In Your Bag?” Post in rhymed verse. I meant to come back and thank you some more for that prompt! I submitted it and it got into a real printed paper magazine here in San Diego called North County Woman Magazine and now I am their new humor columnist! I guess I am still old-fashioned and understand better how to get published that way than I do all this new online blog stuff! But I sure wanna try! I just loved this “delicious recipe” and hope it will “yield batches of syndicated posts” for all!
    Take care,

    1. Okay – that story about getting a humor columnist job is unreal!!! That is so awesome!!!

  4. This was really helpful. I also cross post most of my post in BlogHer. I’ve had 2 featured and have gotten great traffic from both of those posts. I like the sense of community of BlogHer and being able to find stuff easily. There is a lot of practical application stuff and I get a lot of inspiration from other writers, too. I haven’t listened to the pod cast yet but I look forward to it! They always provide a ton of insight! Thanks for more great info.

    1. Emily, I add all my social accounts in my BlogHer profile so if people are looking at that, they can find me and follow me if they want to. There is another place you can link accounts in your profile, but I think that is just to make sign in to BlogHer easier. I have not done anything with the social media influencer stuff and am not sure how they even work that anymore.

  5. Honestly, the reason why I stopped cross posting my stuff over at BH was because I was trying to rank my blog and I heard that having duplicates can hurt your ranking. I’m still not ranked though. Any tips?

    1. I have not had a problem, but I reached out to BlogHer on this one. They said that Google has been known to penalize sites that do a lot of
      cross-posting, however, they haven’t seen this happen yet with cross-posting to because they are a reliable site with a high ranking. Google does decide which site gets priority for the individual cross-posted piece, and that is often BlogHer (you would get the same result with Huffpost probably) because
      of their site ranking but the blogger’s site, in general, hasn’t been penalized overall.

      When their editors feature a piece, they always change the topic to help with search engine ranking and confusion. They also recommend that the blogger
      include a link at the bottom of the post that says “Originally published on XXXXX”.

      Another option might be to just put your teasers on BlogHer with a link back to your own site, so there is no duplication. Rita said in our interview that they are fine with people doing that. Just a thought if you decide not to cross post. Hope this helps!!

  6. Thanks for the tips, Susan! I’m glad you wrote on the comment above that Blogher allows us to type “Originally published on…..” . I will be doing that from now on. I have a question though about the syndication part. I have had several featured posts on Blogher, and there were times when they featured my posts almost month after month, so that was great. However, I’ve not had any luck with syndication. Would you recommend that I zoom in on one particular section / topic? My featured posts were on different areas (family, blogging&social media, race, love&sex, etc). I wonder if being ‘scattered’ is not a good ‘investment’ if I want to be noticed for syndication. Or maybe just pitch an idea myself? Not sure……Thanks!

    1. Joy, when I interviewed Rita, she specifically said that Family was the most competitive section to get syndicated in on BlogHer. They have the most budget to syndicate, but also get WAY more pitches than any other section. I’d maybe focus on one of the other areas and also make sure you are following the appropriate section editors on social media and commenting and sharing (tagging that blogher section and/or the editor in shares so you are on their radar). You could always reach out to an editor and ask if they would be willing to share things they are looking for in their upcoming editorial calendar so you can pitch accordingly. I have never done that myself, but I don’t think it would hurt. Good luck!

      1. Great thoughts! Yeah I remember Rita mentioning that on the podcast and I remember nodding so much, haha! I can just imagine the tons of posts for Family. Didn’t she specifically mention that Style doesn’t get too many pitches? I’d be a poor fit for that though, lol! Anyway, thanks esp. for the social media/tagging tips! That part I need to do more of. I was told that the same strategy applies if you want to be noticed by Huffpost. (commenting, following, tagging the section &/or the editor). Thanks again, Susan!

  7. Thank you, Susan! I just started posting on BlogHer, due to being accepted for their Social Media Influencer program only yesterday, but I’ve been a bit confused from there. You have answered several of my questions via your article. Since I have been accepted as a SMI, however, does this mean that I am part of the BlogHer Publishing Network? Does this the term reference the entire blogging platform at BlogHer, or do I have to apply for this, too? As well as syndication? Also, can I share my own articles on Twitter and the rest after I post them on BlogHer? I know that I am asking a lot…I do appreciate any direction that you can give me. 🙂

    1. I am more familiar with the ways BlogHear features blogger’s writing, but I believe the influencer and publishing network are separate. I would shoot BlogHer a question about it via their contact form. They are usually very responsive and will know your profile. You can certainly link to your posts on your own site or on BlogHer via any social media at any time. I hope this helps!

      1. Yeah…I have since figured this out. I only applied the other day, so I was thrilled to hear something from them so quickly. I guess I’m good to go on the SMI and pending syndication. Meanwhile, I will continue to post, share, and see what happens! Thanks again!

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  9. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the wonderful post and great tips! I’ve used BlogHer in the past, but I found it a bit confusing and gave it up. I did not realize you could cross post, and I was wondering if cross posting older posts was acceptable?

    1. Yes! When I found BlogHer, I had been blogging for about 3 months and went back and posted everything I wanted there. There is no date check or anything, so I’d say if it isn’t super time sensitive subject matter, post it!

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  11. Great information Susan! I am also feeling a bit confused about the differences in programs. Your post provides a lot of clarity so thank you for that. I’m definitely going to be trying your suggestions. Also, it was really refreshing to hear in your above comment that you had been blogging for only 3 months before you got involved at BlogHer. It often seems like you have to be a long-time blogger to find success with sites like these, so thanks for that real-life info. Really enjoyed your post!

  12. Thank you so much for all the time you invest in this blog, this is an amazing tool and resource and I know it’s going to help me out in so many ways! Last night I pitched to Bon Bon Break thanks to a post you wrote and a few hours later heard back that I’m going to be published. Just started on BlogHer today and will try out this recipe! I just wanted you to know I appreciate your work and effort thank you!

  13. Hi Susan! Your podcast about Blogher was so helpful. I’m consuming your podcasts like candy! Some of my favorite posts I’ve written have been on Scary Mommy (and not my own personal blog.) Is it frowned upon to repost those on Blogher with a note “originally published on Scary Mommy” and a link?

    1. I’m so glad you are enjoying them! Scary Mommy (and some other publications) actually stipulate in their contracts when you can republish elsewhere, so you’ll want to check the language in the terms you agreed to when you submitted to Scary Mommy. If a publication doesn’t specify, then you are not obligated to wait a certain amount of time, but my understanding is that 6 months is standard before republishing elsewhere. You can always ask the first pub. too. Some only say a week or they don’t care, and others have much stronger preferences you may want to follow so as not to burn bridges. Cheers!

  14. Hi Susan,

    I just signed up to BlogHer today. I’m a new blogger and I was browsing through contents which can help me and found your blog. Thank you so much for breaking it down for us. I’m bookmarking this page and definitely signing up to your newsletter!

    Thanks a million again!


  15. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for this post! I’ve bene on BlogHer for a while now, and have had 2 featured posts and just recently submitted my first post for syndication (they approached me). I have a question for you about directing traffic back to your own blog from BlogHer… I don’t seem to be getting much traffic to my actual blog despite thousands of reads on the featured posts and linking my blog at the end in the signature. I guess it’s only a matter of time and consistency with posting, but do you have any tips for redirecting traffic back to one’s own blog from a post on BlogHer? Maybe syndication is the key?

    Thanks for a concise and informative post here! It definitely helped. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I also put a line at the top of my BlogHer posts that says ‘Originally Published On’ and a link to my blog (in addition to the closing signature with blog link. That may help a little with traffic too. I don’t get a huge conversion of blog visitors, but with the more popular ones I’ve done, I get some residual traffic for the days it is most visible. Cheers!

  16. Thank you so much for this post and a special thanks for answering all the questions above! I have been folowing BlogHer for a while but never thought of posting my material from my blog. After reading this article and all the questions above I have a much better understanding…. many thanks!

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