What Do You Want To Know About Submitting Your Writing?

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Every day I get loads of questions from bloggers via email and Facebook about submitting writing to online magazines and submission-based sites. Maybe you’ve even sent me one!  It keeps me very busy, and since I am obsessed with the topic of submissions myself, it’s a good problem to have!

People ask me:

  • How long should I wait before I follow-up with my submission to XYZ?
  • I have an original post about ABC.  Where should I submit it?
  • How do I even get started with submitting my writing?
  • How do reprints work and what is the proper etiquette?
  • How do I get started with XYZ site?  They won’t give me the time of day!
  • Can you read this and tell me where to submit?
  • How should I promote my post so that I look good to my host site?
  • Where can I get paid for my work?

and the list goes on.

So what am I going to do about it?  I am working on a practical step-by-step course to help you take your submissions to the next level based on my experience of being published on over 25 sites in one year, conducting in-depth weekly interviews with editors and publishers, and my extensive work with bloggers and writers who have been successful with being published online.

So let the fun begin!  Jump over to this TWO question survey (yes, I said 2 questions — no progress meter for this girl) and tell me what you want to know!

What Do You Want To Know About Submitting Your Writing? Take 2 Question Survey

personal note: check out the photo of my cool antique mailbox at our rental house in the image below :o)

I Want To Hear From You! What Do You Want To Know About Submitting Your Writing?

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