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We’ve  come up with a quick submission checklist for those of you out there hesitating about submitting your writing to those big scary sites (that really are not so scary at all), because you are not sure how it works or what to do.

It’s easy, I promise.  Once you have a site in mind to submit to and a piece to submit, start checking off these to-do’s and let us know when you get accepted (or rinse and repeat if it doesn’t go your way).

 Writing Submission Checklist (2)

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7 Comments on “Writing Submission Checklist”

    1. Thanks Sarah! The list definitely saves me tearing through old emails or trying to remember if/when I submitted something already (at least when I remember to use it!)

  1. Such great info and advice! Pinned it to use as a resource…

    I just love the idea behind this site, and I am looking forward to learning great things from you gals!!! 🙂

  2. I love your site and I love the checklist. For someone like me who can’t live without “lists,” this is perfect and will fit quite nicely taped next to my computer.

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